Official US Coast Guard inspected vessel

U. S. small passenger vessels under 100 gross tons operating on navigable waterways of the United States are inspected for safety by the U. S. Coast Guard who also manages the licensing program for vessel personnel. Safety inspection information can be found at the following website: The Charter Boat MAKO II meets all U.S. Coast Guard guidelines and is inspected annually to ensure your safety while on board.

The MAKO II’s wide beam, solid construction and high gunwales provide for a safe and comfortable ride. The vessel is appointed with the latest in radar, GPS, radio and standard equipment technology.

We are one of the few RI charter fishing boats licensed to take more than 6 passengers. We will accommodate 2, 3 or 4 man charters. If you have a large group why split it up on two or three boats. We can accommodate up to 14 fishermen in comfort and at an affordable price. Call the charter boat MAKO II today.

The Charter Boat MAKO II

Are you ready the fishing trip of a lifetime? Now is the time to call Captain David Tyrrell who has 25 years experience fishing in local waters and is Coast Guard licensed.

Charter boat Mako II has the equipment to help you catch great fish and to be comfortable while you’re doing it. Her Captain knows the area and how to find the best spots…


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Look around at our site and when you get ready to schedule your next great fishing charter adventure just pick up the phone and call us at: 401-789-3756.

As a safety precaution, please do not bring glass on the boat – cans only.